Training Programs

At canine solutions we specialize in helping our clients/owners guide and lead their gun dogs into obedient and enjoyable hunting partners. We train to a high standard so that our owners can enjoy their hunting companions. We specialize in cross training multiple hunting disciplines into one dog and in doing so we bring out the maximum potential of your hunting partner and your hunting experience.

We offer consulting sessions for gun dog puppy owners where we can guide and lead you each step of the way explaining the do’s and don’ts of owning a gun dog puppy saving you time and frustration later in the field. Whether you are looking for a basic hunting dog your family can enjoy or you are looking for help preparing for a hunt test/competition we can help solve all your canine solutions. Every owner/family has different goals for their canine companions. This is why we design a custom training program designed to fit the needs of your hunting partner and your families goals. Our gun dog training programs are designed to work on all hunting breeds and ages.

Canine solutions has access to over 500 acres of private hunting lands which allows us to expose your hunting partner to various types of cover, terrain, and water. We work closely with one of the country’s premier hunting clubs/property allowing our clients dogs to get a wealth of field time and experience.

gun dog with antler


Gun Dog Training Solutions:

  • Waterfowl hunting
  • Upland hunting
  • Blood tracking
  • Hunt test preparation/handling
  • Steadiness/honoring
  • Retrieving
  • Pointing
  • Field obedience
  • Introduction to game
  • Introduction to gun shot
  • Quartering
  • Search
  • Use of Nose
  • Confidence in various cover
  • Drive building
  • E-collar conditioning

Specialized Gun Dog Training Solutions:

  • Shed Antler Recovery
  • Wounded Game Recovery
  • Versatile Gun Dog Training (VDD/NAVHDA)

German Shepard Close up


Whether you have an 8 week old puppy or a 7 year old dog we can design a custom training program that fits the needs of you and your companion. Whether your looking for a family pet, tracking dog, therapy dog, or hunting dog obedience is the foundation for which we build on. Whether you choose private sessions in your home or choose one of our custom weekly boarding programs we work with you one on one to help you better understand and handle/control your dog.

Dogs in our BASIC OBEDIENCE program learn the following commands:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Here
  • Place
  • Come
  • Down
  • Kennel
  • Heel



When it comes to training puppies, training starts from day one when you receive your pup. Very young puppies are not ready for formal obedience training however our goal is to have solid puppy leadership from day one. This will prevent any negative behaviors from starting. IT is much easier to PREVENT a problem than it is to FIX one. Many owners wait until problems already develop before starting obedience. It’s our job as owners to lead and guide young pups into confident happy dogs. Puppies soak up training like sponges, and as quickly as they learn good habits they also learn bad habits just as quick. At Canine Solutions we can help lead you each step of the way with your puppy so that when he/she is of the correct age/maturity we can focus all of our attention on training obedience and not having to fix/correct negative behaviors.

For more information on any of our training programs, please visit our contact page.